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LD-ASP-2.7 Single Ended Active Probe – DC to 2.7GHz


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Key specifications

  • Bandwidth: DC – 2.7GHz
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ || 0.7pF
  • Probe attenuation: 20x (-26 dB)
  • Rise time: 130ps

For full specifications, performance data, usage instructions, etc. please download datasheet:


  LD-ASP-2.7 datasheet




Our active probes have been carefully engineered to achieve outstanding performance, whilst maintaining a rock bottom price.

Active probes are essential for measuring high speed or high impedance signals. This general purpose probe is an essential tool for anyone with a fast oscilloscope or VNA.

Each probe is fully tested, and dispatched with a comprehensive test sheet indicating bandwidth, frequency response plot, and measured tip capacitance.

Typical probe frequency response
Typical probe tip loading
Parameter Typical Value
Bandwidth (-3dB)
DC - 2.7 GHz
Attenuation ratio
Probe tip capacitance
0.7 pF
DC input impedance
1 MΩ
Rise time
130 ps
Worst effective load resistance < 3.0 GHz
120 Ω
Return loss for probed 50 Ω line
< -15 dB
Response linearity, DC to 2 GHz
± 1 dB
Output RMS noise
350 μV
RMS noise referred to input (20:1 probe)
7 mV
Output impedance
50 Ω
Measured input voltage dynamic range
±14 V
Absolute maximum input voltage
±30 V DC + AC Peak
Included probe tips

Advantages of the LD-ASP-2.7

  • Vastly cheaper than any competing probe on the market.
  • Has superiour bandwidth, superiour measurement range, comparable response linearity, and lower tip capacitance compared to many competing probes on the market.
  • Much more open about performance characteristics and limitations than other probes on the market.
  • Can be used with any oscilloscope.
  • Can be used with VNAs and spectrum analyzers.
Hard storage case, with tip storage, 9V battery box. Battery not included.